Jan 21, 2013

Adventures in FMQ

It's been a while since I last blogged, but things suddenly got a bit chaotic in Fuzzy Land... Quick and sudden changes that brought jobs along and the need to reorganize our lives - another testimony of God's care for his children.  It's been an awesome roller coaster ride during which I had to reset priorities, and at some point, the growing pile of clothes needing ironing seemed to require a bit more attention than posting something.

However, I just have to keep being me... Making something, crafting stuff and "playing" with newly discovered techniques have become an unending source of creativity that makes my mind soar to new possibilities.  Discovering new uses in what is at hand tickles me in such a way that I could spend days and days creating and forgetting about things around me.  Yes, it's THAT bad great!  In other words, I've kept myself busy, but I just haven't had the chance to share it yet.

Lately, my crafty bone has been focused on been Free Motion Quilting. I mean, why using a sewing machine just to sew... What about DOODLING with it? (Please note cheeks tweaking as major big smile starts appearing in my face...)

Here's a token:

And here is the back side (I was running short of blue thread, so I used white thread in the bobbin):

I just can't make up my mind which side I like best...  This guy came along because I wanted to make something, like a divider, to put in between my pots and pans so that they don't get scratched.  So, just as with about anything else I make, I cannot go for a simple version of fabric just sewn together, and turned these dividers into FMQ practice pieces.  Mr. Fuzz thinks that they are too fancy for not being seen that much, but it's OK.  My ever-active crafty bug is happy and the nice chocolate (yep, that's their color) pots and pans live safely in the cabinet, with their new doodly friends...  :)

I first learned about FMQ when I came across Leah Day's FMQ blog. Some months later, it was two courses from Craftsy:  Machine Quilting with Wendy Butler Berns and Free Motion Quilting a Sampler with Leah Day.  

These are some of the patterns I used in this practice piece; some of them are in Leah's Craftsy course, but others are from her blog.

Sometimes, FMQ feels like learning how to write... You need to learn strokes first and then put them together. Little by little you can see some improvement!  This was my first practice piece, the one that made me realize I needed WAY more practice if I ever was to do something like this in an actual project that would be seen.  I don't know whether it's such a good idea to post it, but at least you'll have something to talk about after seeing it, hehehe...

I am currently working on my third practice piece, so I'll soon be posting some other pictures...  In the meantime, I hope you spent a good time reading this post and got enthused into making something pretty!  :)

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