Sep 14, 2014

Addie's Quilt - The End!

Transformation, creation, intricacy, exploration, learning and even prayer... all of them right there along the process!

This is the last post on Addie's Quilt and I can hardly share enough of how excited I have been with this piece of quilty craziness that I had the opportunity to work on!

I don't want to say much; just invite you to enjoy the satisfaction and thankfulness of a finished work...

...and a failed attempt at a fancy picture with the quilt draped on a chair. Oh my! I guess that's why some people are professionals - but not me, hehehe. I guess I'll have to practice more and more before I can get one of those cover-worthy shots!  :)

And why not some pictures of the back? After all, Addie's gramma saw this side first and she thought this was the front!  :)

I like the evening light for photographing a quilt; I can see an interesting play with the piecing and the quilting without having a huge contrast between those.  I kept wanting to have one of those really nice pictures with the quilt draped on the fence, but I'm not sure I am really happy with the results.

And a little something for Addie to remember... Lilies were about to bloom when her quilt was finished!

I do realize this may disclose how long it takes to go from the quilt to the blog, but I think my first baby quilt deserves a little TLC and time!  :)  

It was a pleasure to work on Addie's quilt in so many ways! Not only did I learn and experimented with new techniques, but seeing every single part of it take place is like a dream... Those ideas in my head keep spinning and tickling just thinking of the many possibilities and endless creative moments!

Thank you for sticking with these posts and sharing Addie's story and my adventures in quilting!  

I am working on a new series and I really think you will enjoy it!  :)

Have a wonderful day and stay blessed!


Sep 7, 2014

Mosaic Jello - Take 2!

Hello! I hope all of you are doing well!  Man! I miss blogging so much! I guess any blogger has to face busy schedules, and even photo retouching before hitting that "publish" button, but I sure would like to have a recipe for managing it all!  :)
Alas! In the craziness called life, my sweet neighbor - those that are like precious stones: rare and amazing - had a little mishap. And I decided to turn around, take a break and prepare something he mentioned he really liked:  Mosaic Jello!!  Woohoo!!  
This is such a fun and easy to do recipe. I first blogged about it in Squares in my Jello, when I made some for a Christmas party at church, and it has been quite a hit!

Ever since, making another post showing a wider variety of colors has been in my mind, so here it goes!  

Just a little parenthesis: if you would like to make this jello, please read my previous post, where the recipe is described step by step.

Yes, COLOR!! This is what this jello is about. I did not pay much attention to the flavors, I just wanted COLOR!!  Lime, pineapple, fruit punch and grape made it to the final product and it was actually quite yummy.  :)

Here are they after setting... It was hard to keep Mr. Fuzz away from these! He really appreciates Mr. D, and he knew this was for him - probably this was the only reason that kept him away, hehe...

And after scoring the jello to get the little squares... they go to a beautiful bundt pan! Yes, I know... As usual, I cannot make things simple, and I really wanted to make something special.  At this point, feel free to spray the inside or very lightly oil the pan to make sure that nothing sticks.  Give it a little shake to make sure that colors are mixed.

Oh! I also had some punch cups leftover, and I went ahead and made individual portions so that mom and dad could have a bit.  By the way, one of these never made it to be a mosaic... Mr. Fuzz got there first... I'll let you put 2 and 2 together, hehehe 

(Mental note: Mr. Fuzz really enjoyed these jello cubes, so they could be a good munchy treat for him!)

And here they are, right after taking them out of the fridge!!  So excited!!  The challenge was the bundt pan; grandma used to warm up water, but...

...I found out that using water at room temperature would work just as well.  (Sigh!) I used lukewarm water and the jello started to dissolve... This would have looked so pretty and not smeared, but at least I can suggest not to warm up the water!  lol

Mr. D was so happy!  Mrs. D thought it look beautiful!  :) They are such gentle and sweet people! The flavor was great as well!

And here are the little individual servings. These are what I was talking about in my first post about the mosaic jello, when I talked about making this an individual experience, or adapting it to the event. 

Just imagine how easy cleanup would be! And these little cups of yumminess make such a nice centerpiece! 

I hope you try making this fun jello. It's yummy, different and so easy to make!

Stay blessed,