Feb 27, 2016

When things fail... Go Quilt!

Finding words to start this post is proving a tad difficult. In short, today was not the best day. Unexpected and inaccurate things will hopefully become interesting obstacles that will be in the past soon.

So... When things fail... Go Quilt! Go make something! Go do something useful! Go and enjoy the blessings God has given you! Go and hug your husband! Go enjoy your family! Go and put yourself back together for you, for them and for your purpose!

You know how it goes... If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

And in the midst of trying to find my way back to some kind of normalcy, I kept starting at the pile of scraps on my dining crafting table.

Somehow, my old friends, Scrappy Improv Blocks, Extra Half-Square Triangles and Strip-pieced Blocks all made their appearance and, after about an hour or so of finding ways to fit each piece to each other, along with prayers that sometimes seemed to get stuck inside, a beautiful Improv piece had taken the uncertainty away and reminded me that, whatever happens, God is good.

It is my wish that you can enjoy the blessings that surround you and that your life be full of joy and hope.

Stay blessed,


Feb 21, 2016

Doodles: Paisley bubbles

Another week has gone by so fast! I've kept up working a bit a time on my current quilting projects and doodles are piling up as well.  

It all started as an alternative to FMQ practicing, and it has evolved to free forms, that combine feathers, lines, flowers, stipples and traditional quilting designs to random strokes inspired by things I see every day. 

Here is a family of paisleys that dance together and celebrate creative times!

Stay blessed,


Feb 15, 2016

2015 BOM: Foxglove

Finally! The last block for the 2015 BOM and a bit of a reminder for me to get this done!  

Paper piecing has its sort of magic, with perfect matching seams and perfect points. The most intricate designs can be worked on little by little, and all of it accompanied by a sort of naughty feeling that characterizes the ripping of paper to reveal it all!

From organizing templates and scraps...

(and trying to get a peek before even trying to put it all togehter...)

... Foxglove took shape little by little.

I love how the color progression makes this block super bright! It just makes me feel like making hundreds of these in many color families!

Well, as I said before, let's keep going and enjoying every new day.

Stay blessed and keep the crafty bone happy!


Feb 6, 2016

2015 BOM: Harlequin

Hello everybody,

After my post last week, I was kind of taken by surprise to see how much things have gotten in the way of posting.  I know, I know, life goes by... And I'm thankful for it!

So, instead of moping around and thinking of those days gone by, let's go and restart the 2015 BOM Adventure.

Let me tell you what a trip it has been! I think the color scheme is what caught me, but it's been a challenge to keep up with.  No worries here... Actually, lots and lots of lessons - we can always get better, right?  (I sure hope so!)

So, here you have it: Harlequin!

It always amazes me how exact any paper-pieced design is. This particular block had the challenge of completing "units" before sewing them together in a block.  I love the effect that the different colors give.  

I also liked how depth is achieved and leaves seem to be on top of the stem and on top of other leaves.

After months of waiting to make its appearance, Harlequin is now patiently waiting for this gal to make her way back to the 2015 BOM... One day, it will very likely be the topic of conversation!

I just hope that day comes soon!!

Have a fantastic weekend and God bless,