Dec 27, 2013

A weekend at the lake

Oh wow!  It's been several days since I've been around the blog, and even if it sounds weird, I actually miss posting. However, there's is a good reason for this mini hiatus - or at least, that's what I always tell myself each time I pause for some days.

We were blessed to get tickets to travel to Mexico and spend a bit over a week with family. Seeing everybody again was a wonderful gift and some comfort for the heart. When Mr. Fuzz and I got married, I moved to the US and had not been able to come back home since then. All the kiddos are grown, there are more all over the place, and one more is yet to make it here (he's happy in mommy's tummy right now).

And with all the visiting, calling and excitement, I have put off posting, but it's been well worth it!

However, I decided to log in and share a bit about the beautiful place we were at last weekend, Valle de Bravo. It's a place West of Mexico City; there are a lot of activities to do at the lake, like paragliding, cruising around the lake and even visiting ostrich farms! 

This time, we went downtown and enjoyed a little cruise on a 10-passenger boat.

Many people have the idea that Mexico is only a big desert and that there are cactus all over the place.  I hope these pictures change your mind and show the wide variety of natural beauties that live happily somewhere in this colorful country.

Mr. Fuzz was particularly fond of the trees; I'm not sure what kind they are, but he thinks they resemble willows.

We went for a walk on Sunday, and I was thrilled to find little surprises along the way, like the stream that sparked so much curiosity in us; we kept hearing the wonderful sound of the running waters, but had not been able to see where it came from, until we stepped outside the house.

And going back to our Sunday cruise, we had dinner at a floating restaurant. I had one of the most delicious fajitas I've had for a long time!  But I must confess that the most memorable - and awesome - moment was when we stepped out and were greeted with a gorgeous view of the setting sun.

And this is where I have to end this post. At this point, I can only thank God for his precious love and gift of family and home. This is my wish for the new year, that you experience His love and blessings in a wonderful way!

Dec 13, 2013

Going Doodly Quilty Crazy!

There are some things in this life that are beautiful, and we sometimes get the chance to make some.  But whenever we make them, they just don't look right. This is a bit how I sometimes feel about myself and what I make. I have a certain vision in my head, and it's difficult to make it happen, at least in a way that "is right."  Each time I start a project, whether is a craft, at work or even organizing things at home, I am thankful for the opportunity of one more day and the God-given ability to make something happen.

And what became as a doodle experiment, ended up as a practice piece that kept reminding me of how important it is to practice to achieve what we want. And by looking at nature and comparing quilting designs, I kept marveling at the wonder of each line and the beauty of it all, despite my inability to reproduce what is in my head.  

So here it is!  Finished, crooked, wrinkled and crazy!  My largest quilting piece so far.  Now, I don't know whether to start another one or going back to my UFOs...  

And this is what started it all...  Hey! Never underestimate doodling when it comes to FMQ!  

Here are the two together:

But the picture of the day HAS to be this one, just because Mr. Fuzz made it happen:

When he got home, my fuzz-band parked the car and put his mug on top of this mini column that marks the little path that goes to the porch...  And then, it snowed, and snowed, and the poor mug was still there next morning! I couldn't help but get the camera; as I was getting ready to go out, my sweet heart takes it and goes out himself to snap the pic!  He does so many little things like this for me!!!  I'm sooooooo madly in looooove!!  :)  And for the cherry on top, Blogger decides to add fake snow, so it looks cool!  Serendipity in action, ha!

So, remember... Practice and patience!  I guess I can never have enough of those!

Stay warm and blessed!  :)

Dec 6, 2013

Back up for a snowy day!

Snow... What a delightful sight!

What to do on when we're supposed to be indoors?  Something tells me that the answer might be obvious, but I just had to type it to create some kind of suspense...

This guy has been mounted on the machine for some days and I just HAD TO get back to FMQ!

Trying to combine different patterns in order to find out how the quilt can be handled to cover all areas, I start having tension issues...  The quilt gets sort of jumpy and all of a sudden... SNAP! Upper thread is gone!

Back up ready to the rescue!!  My! I'd never have thought that quilting takes that much thread.  I've gone through several spools already!  And while the new spool is not quite the same color as the one I started with, I was NOT going to let that hinder me from enjoying some time at the machine on this wonderful, snowy day...

And here is where I'm at so far...

Something that I've really enjoyed of quilted feathers is the effect that surrounding areas with heavier quilting can produce. The following loop has "scribbling," which is basically a simple stippling (or meander) but the effect is done by crossing the lines and going over the same area several times.  As you see, it uses A LOT of thread, but when the color blends with the fabric, the contrasting texture of the squished scribble and the puffy feathers looks awesome!  However, I think the lattice creates a more elegant look... what do you think?

And here is a section of McTavishing... Well, sort of... This is a sound proof that after you stop stitching, ALWAYS remember to hold the fabric in place if you don't want to end up with long, straight stitches like the one on top of that feather... I decided to keep on going; after all, this is a practice piece, and mistakes are allowed.

And to balance the thread heaviness of the other loop with scribbles, I went for small pebbles with a curl inside, in order to build up thread and make it look darker.

Taking a break from FMQ and peeking outside, I am out of words... So much beauty is breathtaking.  With a little prayer for those who weathered this storm, I post this wishing that you all have a blessed, white Christmas!