Aug 18, 2013

Coffee Time!

I have this thing for creating things that are practical, so when a good friend told me that her favorite color is black -and sometimes gray- I couldn't help but start thinking of a little something for her. Despite her colorful statement, she wore pastels and bright colors, and I had to get to the bottom of it!  It turns out that she has been trying to try other color combinations and get away from a monochromatic wardrobe... And then, she just did it - she brought orange and green to the picture.  I knew I had to put all of those together, and ended up with inserts and half-square triangles in the only black fabric I had (at the moment...). 

So, here is the final mug rug, according to specifications:

Ah! Little triumph over pieced binding and echo quilting, thanks to my ever-useful walking foot.  By the way, I got that one because Mr. Fuzz recommended it, and it has been a major life saver.

And while enjoying a cup of coffee, I start concocting a new wall hanging for the office and a Thanksgiving gift.  Yes, it may sound sort of soon, but it's never too soon to start with hand-made gifts for the end of the year!!  I will be posting the progress on that one, and I hope you enjoy it as I will be tackling three major blocks, all on an 8x8 grid can't wait to get that little project going...

In the meantime, I'll get ready to crawl on the couch and start reading a new book from Tyndale that just got in the mail two days ago; with so many things to do a so little time, I'd better get started!

See you next post!

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