Sep 4, 2013

Getting the Wheels rolling!

Some time ago, I saw the following fabric line and just got crazy about doing something with it... It was one of those moments when ideas start tickling in my head, and don't stop!!!  The weirdest thing is that I'm not much of a flowery kind of person, so I really don't know where all those tickles came from.  

How-e-ver... I did notice that the colors are the same ones as in "Starry Night" or in "Terasse de Cafe la Nuit," both by Vincent Van Gogh.  Who knows! Maybe those mysterious tickles have a mind of their own that knows better...  :)
Ha! Color Play in action!!


So, after musing, pondering and thinking of those prints, I decided I was actually going to seriously plan my next quilting project, and the quest for a meaningful block began...

And after deciding on the skill level and number of mini fabric pieces I would have to cut from yardage, the finalists are:  Dutch Rose (or "Swoon"), Star of Bethlehem and Carpenter's Wheel.

All of them are based on an 8X8 grid and share an inside line that goes around the block. I looked and looked, and most of the serious instructions I found require templates, so I ended up taking my handy sketch book in hand and figuring the blocks myself!!

The first step: grid... Check!

Second step: Figuring half-square triangles in the design... Check!

Third step: Finding out color placement...  Check!

Fourth step: Figuring the size of fabric and initial cuts...  Check!  
(Kind of...  More like: "I hope I got the figures right...")

Fifth step: Decoding the Carpenter's Wheel... Check!

 ... and color placement.

And whatever step is next: Moving to the Star of Bethlehem... Check!

Retracing steps: Interchange the inner green "ring" with yellow, so that there is consistency among the three blocks.

And this is where I'm at:

OK...  At least I'm getting something done!!  

But I also must confess that in the midst of all this planning, I've been working on a tutorial that several people have requested and on a wonderful book that I recently got from Tyndale - which means that before I can get this exciting Wheels project going, a review will come first...  So many things to do in so little time!

By the way, this brings me to the fact that I will soon be hosting my first giveaway, out of Tyndale's generosity.  Stay in touch and don't miss the details!!!

Stay blessed  :)

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