Sep 7, 2014

Mosaic Jello - Take 2!

Hello! I hope all of you are doing well!  Man! I miss blogging so much! I guess any blogger has to face busy schedules, and even photo retouching before hitting that "publish" button, but I sure would like to have a recipe for managing it all!  :)
Alas! In the craziness called life, my sweet neighbor - those that are like precious stones: rare and amazing - had a little mishap. And I decided to turn around, take a break and prepare something he mentioned he really liked:  Mosaic Jello!!  Woohoo!!  
This is such a fun and easy to do recipe. I first blogged about it in Squares in my Jello, when I made some for a Christmas party at church, and it has been quite a hit!

Ever since, making another post showing a wider variety of colors has been in my mind, so here it goes!  

Just a little parenthesis: if you would like to make this jello, please read my previous post, where the recipe is described step by step.

Yes, COLOR!! This is what this jello is about. I did not pay much attention to the flavors, I just wanted COLOR!!  Lime, pineapple, fruit punch and grape made it to the final product and it was actually quite yummy.  :)

Here are they after setting... It was hard to keep Mr. Fuzz away from these! He really appreciates Mr. D, and he knew this was for him - probably this was the only reason that kept him away, hehe...

And after scoring the jello to get the little squares... they go to a beautiful bundt pan! Yes, I know... As usual, I cannot make things simple, and I really wanted to make something special.  At this point, feel free to spray the inside or very lightly oil the pan to make sure that nothing sticks.  Give it a little shake to make sure that colors are mixed.

Oh! I also had some punch cups leftover, and I went ahead and made individual portions so that mom and dad could have a bit.  By the way, one of these never made it to be a mosaic... Mr. Fuzz got there first... I'll let you put 2 and 2 together, hehehe 

(Mental note: Mr. Fuzz really enjoyed these jello cubes, so they could be a good munchy treat for him!)

And here they are, right after taking them out of the fridge!!  So excited!!  The challenge was the bundt pan; grandma used to warm up water, but...

...I found out that using water at room temperature would work just as well.  (Sigh!) I used lukewarm water and the jello started to dissolve... This would have looked so pretty and not smeared, but at least I can suggest not to warm up the water!  lol

Mr. D was so happy!  Mrs. D thought it look beautiful!  :) They are such gentle and sweet people! The flavor was great as well!

And here are the little individual servings. These are what I was talking about in my first post about the mosaic jello, when I talked about making this an individual experience, or adapting it to the event. 

Just imagine how easy cleanup would be! And these little cups of yumminess make such a nice centerpiece! 

I hope you try making this fun jello. It's yummy, different and so easy to make!

Stay blessed,


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