Dec 27, 2015

Doodles: Feathers and FMQ

WIPs are slowly starting to get some attention here in The Hill (note I said SLOWLY...). Schedule changes have not been nice to my re-purposed dining room and projects are patiently waiting for some progress. Little by little (VERY little by little, things are advancing, and I hope to get some things ready soon.

In the meantime, I find ways to appease my crafty bone and work on portable stuff - more doodling it is! 

And yes, that's my "art" signature - it's my initials, now with my married name. It's also something that I've been practicing in free-motion quilting, and I generally quilt in one lower corner of the finished piece.

These times, I guess I'm learning about resourcefulness with all the changes; and I know that more are coming our way! In the meantime, I learned remembered a valuable lesson in sketching the hard way - whenever marking the area to work in, don't use a tool that cannot be taken away (a.k.a. use a pencil that can be erased afterwards!!!).

Well, playing along with life and thanking God for his blessings keeps Mr. Fuzz and I going.  

I hope you had a very good time during this Christmas!!

Stay blessed,


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