Mar 7, 2016

2015 BOM: Having fun with applique

... or the joy of the quilting that takes time.

There is something about me that seems to touch everything I do - I like exploring, I seldom follow instructions and I have taught myself many things, quilting included.  I say this not to boast, but just to emphasize how frustrated I can become with myself when things don't go as planned, because I skipped a step or because I didn't follow instructions more closely.

The 2015 Craftsy BOM has driven me crazy! It has made me stop and go back to read again and again and to make sure I understand what is supposed to be done before I do anything - at all. (Please have in mind that this is the same person who put a stationary bike together without looking at the diagram... I wonder about why I never hit the floor while biking away and watching TV...)

Lately, I feel like we're immersed in a world of instantaneous everything, and the world of quilting has not escaped that. Sure, it's really nice to have the latest gadget or the ready to make kit that will allow us to make a quilt in one day.  This has its place. But part of this BOM's beauty is that it has made me slow down, take my time, look at the details and craft carefully.

All of a sudden, I think I'm starting to get a sort of revelation that implies understanding the art of quilting.

Serious art takes time. Quilting takes time.

Appliqued flowers - oh my! Did they take time! But I wouldn't call them art just yet. But maybe one day I will... Who knows!

I'm glad that I decided to take pictures of the progress of this appliqued blocks. 

Without further ado, here are the little pieces of fabric making it to the fabric basket that will hold them for many years to come...


Something that I really enjoyed was the process... I believe I have said that already, but I may say it again. I think that sometimes we get in the rush of things and forget to stop to smell the flowers. After all the effort and starting from scratch, there is a lingering feeling of satisfaction. Yes, frustration peeked its head every now and then, but even that provides an opportunity to go ahead and learn even more.

It seems like a dream when I look at the five blocks with the appliqued flowers and even some French knots - the first time I can ever make those look decent... So, all in all, the 2015 BOM goes on and its challenges have pushed me beyond my comfort zone and helped me grow as a quilter and as a person.  

Now, let's go and take time enjoying the crafting process!

Stay blessed,


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