Dec 3, 2012


Yep! That's right!  I was browsing the internet this morning, hoping to get a grasp of the latest news, and I got exhilarated when I read the following: DNA photographed for first time (McKinnon, Eli, DNA photographed for first time, Life's Little Mysteries,, 12-03-2012).

I actually had to slow down, take a moment and started clapping and smiling... I mean... Seriously?!?! Awesome!

And today I remember an assignment in Jr. High - we were supposed to build a model of a DNA molecule.  Well, for whatever reason, none of us in the team was able to find a decent picture from which to make the model, and used a long wood stick and styrofoam spheres to put together what we thought DNA looked like... complete failure, only saved by a good presentation. I look back at the moment when I proudly put that model on the teacher's desk, and started feeling that sinking sensation in the middle of my stomach when I saw her reaction.  Her mouth was open, and she couldn't understand how that sort of wobbly, pitiful "thang" was supposed to be a DNA model... 

Anyway! I'm so glad that the picture with the pillars sort of resembles what us, teenagers craving for a passing grade, were trying to accomplish... but pillars were never in our picture! Alas! DNA is there, and it has been pictured!

Moreover, I can't help but share my excitement at reminiscing a friend telling me about a conversation he had with Lambert Dolphin; he was in Mexico giving a series of lectures about the accuracy of the Bible. This startled me a bit, because I had known Mr. Dolphin was a Physicist and researcher for Standford University. Despite his strong christian convictions, Mr. Dolphin used to be an atheist.  In this particular conversation, David described the long-lasting effects that conversation had.  Mr. Dolphin was not married (I believe he is still not), but he was wearing a wedding band.  When David asked him about it, Mr. Dolphin touched the band and smiled.  He said that he tried to understand Physics and push the limits of knowledge so far, that he had dedicated numerous years to the study of the atom. At some point, he HAD to acknowledge that the enormous forces in an atom pointed to a Creator.  So he now wore a wedding band as a token of his commitment to God, the one he thought was non-existent, but revealed Himself through the beauty of atomic physics.

Isn't that exciting? And now, we can have a look at the wonder upon which life is built - the building block of a cell.  I just have to pause and rest in awe at the magnificence of our Father revealing Himself again from the tiniest point of view, at subatomic level.  What a wonderful way to find His trace in our lives! Creation DOES tell of the glory of our Creator!

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