Dec 30, 2012

Nice discoveries: The Piano Guys

It was the last week of the year, and I've been under the weather, storming a not-precisely fabulous combo of bronchitis/sinusitis... Not cool...  :(

The week had its highlights; for instance, it was a good chance to listen to one of my favorite CDs:
Yep, two of my utmost favorite artists put together - Bach and Yo-Yo Ma. I can listen to this for hours on end, and never get tired of it.   

Just a little parenthesis, to ponder - Bach stated that music is only for worshiping God; I sometimes wonder if we realize how important this was for him, and if that really has an effect in our hearts, particularly each time we listen to any of his compositions.

Anyway,  some other day of the week I followed a link of a video posted on FB.  Something caught my eye - one of the videos that appear on the left said something like Bach with 8 cellos... It was like two magic words that put together become an irresistible magnet, so I clicked on it and almost fell off my chair!!  

One of my favorite pieces played by this crazy, innovative cellist with so much enjoyment that... I am still short of words.  I can only tell you that I caught myself smiling and swaying with the melody.  So, here it is... Enjoy!

That irresistible magnet seemed to grow and kept pulling me to his other works (a.k.a. other videos).  That's when I discovered The Piano Guys, a talented group that amazed me with their craziness and creativity. After loosing a good part of the day watching their videos, smiling, enjoying and laughing, I visited their webpage and read about their belief in God and was also able to see the relevance family has in their identity - another wonderful discovery within this nice discovery... I hope you like what they do as well.

And just in case you were wondering about the name of this talented, outlandish group, here is the pianist:

I hope you enjoyed the last week of the year and are abundantly blessed in 2013!!

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