Jul 14, 2013

Adventures in FMQ ... Continued

Well, remember my first post about Free Motion Quilting?  I have another practice piece now, and I must confess it's been finished for a while; I just have to reorganize my time and post more often.  I am so thankful for the comments about my "crafty bones," so I decided to set time aside and at least try to catch up with my projects.  And here it is:

And just because it's as cute as the front, here is the back:

 And here is a close-up of the section I like the most of this piece:

Like my previous practice pieces, this practice has designs by Leah Day; you can find a link to her blog here.

And as I have mentioned some time before, I can't stand wasting fabric, so I had to do something useful with these FMQ practice pieces - they are now happily living with my pots and pans, making sure that nothing gets scratched...

Mr. Fuzzband got this particular set because he thought the color fits us: chocolate...  Are any explanations actually needed?  I think that these choco-set needed something special to go with.  And I even get to do some FMQ in the process!

I am now thinking of making more practice pieces and turning them into baskets for organizing, or even drawer liners.  I haven't made up my mind yet, but be sure that their picture will sometime end up here, for everyone to enjoy!  
Have a wonderful day and stay blessed!  :)

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