Jul 22, 2013

When God Intervenes, by Dabney Hedegard

When Dabney and Jason thought that their marriage would fall apart, they had pretty concerning and happy news: growing in Dabney’s body, there were a tumor and a baby…  The diagnosis kicks off a rollercoaster of events so drastic that often seem impossible to bear; so much pain and hope mixed together and the story of a woman who refused to give up and chose to grow closer to God along with her husband, despite the most dreadful and challenging circumstances. In a nutshell, this book is Dabney’s memoir of ten years in and out of life-threatening episodes and her personal struggle with financial crisis, infertility, long-term hospitalization, no house, adoption and even social rejection. 

I must say that I have been having issues completing this review.  I just cannot seem to find the right words to describe the amazing way in which God intervened in Dabney’s life.  Dabney went from a person who liked control and frequently sought other people's approval to complete surrender and freedom. It all started when a woman told her: "...there's nothing you can do to change your circumstances," she said. "There is only one person in control.  It's not you. Once you realize this, life gets a lot easier." (page 82). The pain, the illnesses and even separation from her kids were horrible and I cannot imagine going through what Dabney went through, but the transformation in her and her husband's heart and the way her restored faith and strengthened life has blessed mine is a precious encouragement and a reminder that God is sovereign and cares for us in every circumstance.

This brings me to the fact that, although this book focuses on Dabney's point of view, her husband also goes through a marvelous reassurance of his relationship with Christ.  His care for Dabney and their kids reflects an authentic love, reminding us of God's love for His church.  In this sense, the book is also a strong evidence of the relevance -and need- of a God-centered marriage in our society.

Regarding her technique, Dabney has a very easy, friendly way of writing.  Reading this book felt like having a conversation with an old friend.  It is all just plain honest, the good, the bad, the struggle, the disbelief and the faith, all rolled together in a tight ball that keeps rolling and rolling and rolling…  

This is a highly recommendable book that will encourage those in need of comfort during hard times, whatever these could be.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  This has not influenced my opinion on the book or on the author.

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