Oct 7, 2013

Just moments

Yes, I know... Soooorrryyyy!!  I have sort of abandoned my blog for a while; this thing of keeping a full-time job along with house chores, crafty bone that is drying up and last-minute weekend getaways (Yay!  Happy 4th Anniversary Mr. Fuzz!!!) do not provide any constructive written paragraphs in the blog land of The Hill... (Sighing) However, ideas keep on cascading unrestrained, and I can only wonder how plentiful this blog would be if I had a laptop with an internet connection each time my mind starts concocting words and thinking about putting things together to make new ones...  But I was not about to take a rain check from the chance of spending a weekend with my husband away from the routine and treasure every moment of it.

I would not want to loose the chance to marvel at the changing colors of the sunset and having the assurance that God made it possible for me to enjoy it.

It was not whether we were able to visit this or that place, buy stuff or whatever; it was about just sharing moments together, whether it is standing on the balcony of our hotel room or knowing that my husband is patiently waiting for me outside the shop while I go on a fabric hunt...


We didn't get to do a bunch of the things we wanted to do, but taking a moment to turn and enjoy the beautiful sunset, even though I got to the craft store ten minutes after they closed was ever more meaningful when I realized he is by my side just looking and me and enjoying my taking pictures (this was of course, on the day before the actual fabric hunt happened, lol).

Or what about the moment I look over the hill and see the theater where we went to see a play together for the first time, or even deciding where to eat and realize that he prefers to order the same dish we shared during our honeymoon.

It was about seeing my husband rolling his eyes, but lovingly smiling at me when I told him that I wanted to take a picture of the carpet in the lobby of the hotel, because it can be turned into a free-motion quilting pattern.

In other words... Yes, I've missed preparing blog posts, but I decided to set them aside not for the usual reasons, but just to share moments with my wonderful husband, who loves me in his quiet and supporting way and who makes life goofy every minute!  :)

All those little moments are now part of our history together, little treasures to cherish and thank God for.