Oct 12, 2013

More leather, one zipper, another pouch and a lesson in frustration...

Some days ago, I posted about making my first pouch, with a zipper!!!  I am pretty satisfied with it because it's functional, different and really cute.  However, one new pouch was not enough to hold everything that fit in my old pouch, so I had to make another one.

Even though I absolute love the first pouch I made, I wanted to try something different and decided to visit Sew Mama Sew's page; they have bunches and bunches of tutorials, and I found the instructions to make this cosmetic case under their "Bags" tab. If you visit this original post, you can also obtain a free PDF file with the instructions.

Anyway, back to the Hill...  I prepared the fabric and followed the instructions to the T:

And this is something I made different. You can actually use a regular glue stick to hold your zipper and fabric in place before you sew.  It is washable, won't stain the fabric and is a whole lot easier to use.  It makes the process way easier and faster.

Everything was going well, until I was like... UH?  How am I supposed to do that? It was the moment where I was supposed to sew around the four pieces of fabric to form the inner and outer pouches, forming a sort of trapezoid... This was supposed to make the pouch a little wider; I wanted this extra width so that I could fit more stuff in it. Everything else seemed to be OK, but I just couldn't get my head around the next part of the instructions...

This was pretty much the point where I got kind of lost...Now, remember that I'd never tried a pouch like this before this one, so I can take the fact that my cluelessness could (but just could... lol) be due to my amateurishness in these matters.  I just didn't get it...  :(

I decided I was not about to let my frustration get the best of me, and I turned to YouTube and ended up watching Melanie's video.

Woohoo!  That was the charm!  I did notice that Melanie said that she's not an expert, and that this technique was so easy...  Trying not to fume about myself and my inability to get this zippered pouch stuff, I just kept on trying and was able to deal with that confusing step!  YAY!

I went on to box the corners...

... turning everything the right side...

... and here it is!  My second leather zippered pouch, ready to hold a bunch of those little things that generally get lost in the Bermuda Triangle hidden inside my purse, lol!

Oh my! I was so thankful for having finished it and having made something that works. I've learned that my creative plateaus are actually a major learning opportunity that will allow me not only to feed my crafty bone, but also teach me about dealing with situations and getting things done!  From frustrating to rewarding... Now I have another reason to like my new leatherette pouch!  

How about you?  Have you ever made a pouch?  How do you keep things from getting lost in your purse?

Drop me a note and I hope you have fun making something today!  :)

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