Nov 11, 2013

Epic Grace, by Kurt Bubna

With that subtitle, I had no idea what to expect from this book...  

God loves you, just because - this is Epic Grace in a nutshell. A practical, non-nonsense way of reminding us that God is always present and that we can actually come close to Him in every circumstance, only if we allow ourselves to follow His voice, rather than feed our independence - our idiocy - and fail over and over again.

How often have we felt that we can do more that what we are currently doing? How many times have we been told that we have to behave in such way, complete all of these courses in church or even not shed tears at the loss of a loved one?  Yes, all of these are expected "christian" responses to every-day life occurrences; however, responding differently and just being a tad human does not imply that we fall away from God - it's just the opposite.  It is during these hardships and confusing learning periods that God talks to us and shows his magnificent grace towards us.  

Mr. Bubna reminds us that it is God's love and grace poured towards us in the most unexpected and difficult circumstances what shapes our characters and minds.  It is also His grace that shows His patience with us and gives us the opportunity to stand up after falling, learn and overcome.  He is the one that transforms trials into blessings and guides our steps back to Him when we are lost and overwhelmed by circumstances. It is all about God's epic grace opposing hopelessness and winning each time!

And just in case you have been lectured and lectured time and time again about all your shortcomings, don't worry!  Mr. Bubna is just like your next-door friend, with whom you can spend endless hours laughing about life and praising God for all the GRACE showering and even tempesting just to keep you in the path of hope.

This is a profound, yet easy to read book - be prepared to take a deep plunge and savor life's ups and downs and stay afloat with the author's goofy and thought provoking experiences that will constantly remind you of the hope we can have in God!

But maybe... just maybe... you would like to hear the author telling it all - and just because I am actually getting along with this blog post and embedding videos successfully...  Here is Mr. Kurt Bubna; please allow him to share his experience and wonder together at God's marvelous love poured out towards us:


The following are links to videos where you can watch the author addressing topics discussed in the book, just in case your interest has been tickled and your heart is longing to hear more about God's EPIC grace:

I received  a complimentary copy of "Epic Grace" from Tyndale Book Publishers, in exchange of an honest review.  This has not biases my opinion on the book or the author.


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