Dec 13, 2013

Going Doodly Quilty Crazy!

There are some things in this life that are beautiful, and we sometimes get the chance to make some.  But whenever we make them, they just don't look right. This is a bit how I sometimes feel about myself and what I make. I have a certain vision in my head, and it's difficult to make it happen, at least in a way that "is right."  Each time I start a project, whether is a craft, at work or even organizing things at home, I am thankful for the opportunity of one more day and the God-given ability to make something happen.

And what became as a doodle experiment, ended up as a practice piece that kept reminding me of how important it is to practice to achieve what we want. And by looking at nature and comparing quilting designs, I kept marveling at the wonder of each line and the beauty of it all, despite my inability to reproduce what is in my head.  

So here it is!  Finished, crooked, wrinkled and crazy!  My largest quilting piece so far.  Now, I don't know whether to start another one or going back to my UFOs...  

And this is what started it all...  Hey! Never underestimate doodling when it comes to FMQ!  

Here are the two together:

But the picture of the day HAS to be this one, just because Mr. Fuzz made it happen:

When he got home, my fuzz-band parked the car and put his mug on top of this mini column that marks the little path that goes to the porch...  And then, it snowed, and snowed, and the poor mug was still there next morning! I couldn't help but get the camera; as I was getting ready to go out, my sweet heart takes it and goes out himself to snap the pic!  He does so many little things like this for me!!!  I'm sooooooo madly in looooove!!  :)  And for the cherry on top, Blogger decides to add fake snow, so it looks cool!  Serendipity in action, ha!

So, remember... Practice and patience!  I guess I can never have enough of those!

Stay warm and blessed!  :)

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