Dec 6, 2013

Back up for a snowy day!

Snow... What a delightful sight!

What to do on when we're supposed to be indoors?  Something tells me that the answer might be obvious, but I just had to type it to create some kind of suspense...

This guy has been mounted on the machine for some days and I just HAD TO get back to FMQ!

Trying to combine different patterns in order to find out how the quilt can be handled to cover all areas, I start having tension issues...  The quilt gets sort of jumpy and all of a sudden... SNAP! Upper thread is gone!

Back up ready to the rescue!!  My! I'd never have thought that quilting takes that much thread.  I've gone through several spools already!  And while the new spool is not quite the same color as the one I started with, I was NOT going to let that hinder me from enjoying some time at the machine on this wonderful, snowy day...

And here is where I'm at so far...

Something that I've really enjoyed of quilted feathers is the effect that surrounding areas with heavier quilting can produce. The following loop has "scribbling," which is basically a simple stippling (or meander) but the effect is done by crossing the lines and going over the same area several times.  As you see, it uses A LOT of thread, but when the color blends with the fabric, the contrasting texture of the squished scribble and the puffy feathers looks awesome!  However, I think the lattice creates a more elegant look... what do you think?

And here is a section of McTavishing... Well, sort of... This is a sound proof that after you stop stitching, ALWAYS remember to hold the fabric in place if you don't want to end up with long, straight stitches like the one on top of that feather... I decided to keep on going; after all, this is a practice piece, and mistakes are allowed.

And to balance the thread heaviness of the other loop with scribbles, I went for small pebbles with a curl inside, in order to build up thread and make it look darker.

Taking a break from FMQ and peeking outside, I am out of words... So much beauty is breathtaking.  With a little prayer for those who weathered this storm, I post this wishing that you all have a blessed, white Christmas!

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