Jan 13, 2014

Ideas all over the place...

...and few make it to a post... (sigh!).

Sometimes I wish my mind had an integrated keyboard that will automatically dictate every single crafty musing to the computer and post automatically.  After a second thought, it could take away some of the fun... Dunno...

The reality of the deal is that I'm working on several little projects - testing a paper-pieced pattern, coming up with ideas to draw and collect all the block figures that pop in my mind and designing two quilting series for the blog.  I'm still wondering how -or when- it all will make it here, but rest assured that I'm working on stuff for everyone to share.  

This is where I beckon your patience and leave a little token of my advances... 

And just a little extra - some early morning shots of the beautiful snow from last week!  


And a secret message...  :)

I just can't have enough of that soft crunch under my feet with each step! 

See you soon and stay blessed!

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