Jan 30, 2014

On this (almost) last day of January...

...life on the Hill goes on and the crafty bone seems to be tickled to death because it just doesn't stay still!

Even though I've made several projects using the scraps left from my in-law's washer and drier cover, I still have a lot of fabric left!  I guess it's due to my lack of experience regarding yardage-piecing ratio and my in-grained habit of getting a bit more whenever I find something at a really good price.  This gorgeous fabric has been so easy to put together and mix.  No matter what, the final result is somewhere between elegant and delicate.  At least, that's what I've told myself!

Anyway, I recently posted about my ideas going all over the place, almost as if they were bits of tiny papers flying around with the wind - just like grocery bags when they get caught in it...  It was as if I was unable to catch them; more and more kept coming from somewhere and there was just not enough solace to grasp and record each one of them.  I just keep thinking of how many more things can be made into something else - a wonderful transformation that now and then (more now than then, actually), blows my mind away, just like a new little paper thrown in the never ending stream of images that pop even in the most unexpected occasions... 

But enough with the weird process my brain gets into!  Somehow, I was able to picture paper piecing in my mind.  However, I wanted something different form a pieced strip.  Don't take me wrong, I love them, I just was searching for some variety to explore something different with all that beautiful fabric!  

After musing and pondering some more, it all started to take shape... that of hexies! 

And completely contrary to the Quilting Best Practices Manual, I got things ready to start wrapping the fabric around the 1" hexagons and, well... got started! No specific plan, no specific pattern in mind, just wrapping, stitching and stacking.  One afternoon gone by, a little family of hexies showed up on my dining room table, long taken over by crafty experiments.  

So, with experiments in mind and growing little stacks, life in the Hill keeps going.  We even have a new neighbor:

I wonder if he is a woodpecker.  We had to take some trees down because they were rottening from the inside out and we really did not want any new "windows" in the house...  People have told us that a family of woodpeckers used to live in our yard years ago, so I wonder if this little guy is a grand-kid of sorts.

I'm for sure not a bird expert, so if you happen to recognize this fellow and know if those little red bangs make him a woodpecker, please post a comment.  If he's not, please post a comment, too. :)

So, on this day of January, I'm thankful for the opportunity to create and share.  Just like the final destination of that bunch of hexies, life has unexpected things, but this little winged visitor reminds me that our lives are in the hands of our Creator!  And then, there's hope...

I just have to open my eyes and look around me; I know I can stay blessed on every day of my life!

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