May 2, 2014

New month, new quilt!

It's amazing how fast time flies!  I remember when I was a little girl, days seemed to be loooong and there was never enough patience to wait for special days; I once said to Tita, grandma, something on the lines of: "two weeks for my birthday - that's toooo many days!"  I still remember the feeling of frustration because I just wanted my birthday to come; I also remember sweet grandma's face smiling at me and her loving hands cupping my face telling me that my birthday would be there soon enough...

Today, I seem to be scraping minutes from wherever possible, fitting this or that activity and trying to schedule my time as best as I can to make the most out of it - of course, that's what I keep trying to do.  However, I wonder how many times I've missed enjoying moments and I pray that I never cease to amaze when a flower starts blooming, a bird sings, the wind plays with the trees... you name it! I also pray and thank God for having breath for another day and hope to make the most out of it.

Expecting... Such a common word, yet full of emotion, dreams, wishes and excitement. Believing and knowing that someone will arrive soon; the joy of life and the miracle within it: New month, new quilt, a new little baby girl growing in mommy's tummy!  That is Addie and this will be her quilt!

Addie's grandma asked me to make little Addie a quilt, and I'm so excited about it!  Grandma chose the fabric: "Pretty Little Things" by Free Spirit.

Grandma wanted "something for a baby," maybe some animals, but she also wanted something different.  I was thinking more within the pastels range, but she really liked the bold pinks because that reminded her of her own grandma!  It is amazing how quilts can link generations.  I wonder how many things little Addie will tell to her own kids...  Maybe I'm going a tad too fast...

So, Addie's quilt will join the seemingly unending parade of fabric that now lives on the dining room table... Cheery Mellow is slowly taking place and soon I will also start a project for a dear friend.  But more about that later in the month.  

In the meantime, stay blessed!  :)

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