Jul 15, 2014

Addie's quilt: The Back

Well, how to start this post? I guess that not in the beginning, because this post is all about the back!  I have been observing how scraps are sometimes reused in quilt backs, or even a sort of repetition of the pattern is there as well.

So, why not with Addie's quilt? Here is a bit of eye candy:

And just in case you were wondering about the one that is behind this quilt, here is a hint... I guess this will also dissipate any doubts about whose quilt this is, or whom it was made for!  I guess... Just saying...

Always remember to use the right kind of stabilizer for the project... this makes a huge difference in the final result.

Although I used a light stabilizer, it still was stiff compared to the rest of the fabric.  In order to allow the quilt to work with the FMQ, I decided to use fine scissors and cut around the embroidery as closely as I could.

Just to celebrate the major event - embroidery features being used - I had to take a picture of it all happening, especially because Mr. Fuzz was at the other side of the table watching every step!  His mind is always inquisitive and he just loves figuring out how things work. He is still figuring out how the machine knows how much thread is in the bobbin and always stops at the right time, after going up and down, up and down, up and down...  :)

 And this is the back once it was finished...  I must confess I sometimes imagine the threads all perked up, happy to be part of something new...  Yes, I know... not happening, but hey - we cannot deny that the creative process is full of excitement and surprises!

The two embroidered legends became the central "blocks" for the back.  I used some of the scraps leftover to frame Addie's name.

The central area of the back also had a very special legend, the only request made by Addie's Grandma: "Grammie's little love."  My! Someone was really looking forward to welcoming little Addie - and is not shy about making a BIG statement!  :)

The 11th diamond that didn't make it in the front made it to the frame:

I just made sure to center the parts...

... so it would look like this:

And just after one more chunky frame - in orange, because Grammie wanted bold colors - it looked like this:

I ended up using more chunky stripes to reach the size I wanted.

And here they are, the top and back of Addie's quilt posing on the carpet for the "before" picture!

And here is another view... I just love the way that embroidered center looks! I guess that finally using this feature of my sewing machine was way more worth that I could have pictured...  :)

This is my first time making a quilt this size and piecing the back.  Curiously enough, this is the side Grandma saw first when unfolding the quilt, and she stared and stared at it.  She actually thought it was the front!

How do you feel about pieced backs? I know it takes more time, but it definitely makes a statement.  Have you ever pieced the backs of your quilts?  Please share your comments!

I hope you are having a wonderful week and hope you see you soon again in the next post... stay blessed!



  1. What a beautiful quilt you made! Lucky little Addie. I seldom make a quilt, irregardless of size, without piecing the back. If I make a lap size quilt, I usually add a antique "chunk" of doily with hand embroidery, left over blocks from the front, old laces, linen, or even linens. I love to play with the backs, so much fun.

  2. Yes, sweet little Addie is spoiled. I often get updates from grammie, who has this nice spot in her arms for cradling Addie!
    I love your doily idea!! Do you have any pics posted? Now I feel like making a bunch of quilts and experiment with your suggestions; you're right - so much fun!!

  3. I piece my backs almost all the time. I love to use a panel of left over blocks on one side of the back where possible -- it has almost become the signature of this novice quilter!

    PS I just found your blog after I searched for information on using scrappy improv blocks; I already make them, I was curious about how others use them. Your tutorial was very informative. Thanks and God bless.

  4. Hello Lynne! I'm so curious about your improv blocks; it would be great to exchange ideas! :)
    I am also a novice quilter, but even before I started quilting, I've always tried to use all my material when making something. Quilts really are a great opportunity to explore composition with scraps, and I like the fact that they can make the back as interesting as the front.
    Thanks for stopping by; hope you "see" you soon! God bless you too! :)