May 4, 2015

Something about the Hill

A walk in the middle of April... The Hill right in the middle of spring... What a sight! Let me tell you something about the Hill.

The Hill is where these fantastic irises come back each year. When I was a little girl, I used to look at pictures and paintings of irises, wondering and wondering how it would be like to see one. I even made a picture in chalks, because I just couldn't grasp the beauty of petals going in different directions. 

The Hill gave me this incomparable surprise and made my heart jump with joy when I saw them for the very first time in 2010...  I have never had the nerve of picking one. 

The Hill is host of innumerable tinni tiny flowers. In another world, they may be weeds, but they are a beauty of their own in the Hill! 

The Hill makes sure that these little bushes adorn the road every year. They are a rare sight... This shot is zoomed at the maximum in the camera and Mr. Fuzz almost had a heart attack when he saw me attempt some kind of contorsion to keep my hand steady and celebrate getting a picture of these beauties.

The Hill is home of a shy stream that roars after the storm. It has been known to become the quickest route to dreamworld for those who gift five minutes of their time close to it - basically, on top of the bridge that connects the two sides of the Hill. 

The Hill is where everybody driving or walking on the West road is welcomed by this beautiful field. Even though it looks quiet, it surprised us one winter by sheltering a bunch of deer that quickly jumped over the fence and into the tree line when we drove by. We stopped. It was so sweet to watch the youngest deer stay immobile in the front of the car for a while and then start walking around it, in a short attempt to satisfy its curiosity, interrupted only by momma's snorting who may have been wondering if we were hunters...

The Hill is a place where a sweet lady carefully sneaks some colorful flowers... the fraying kind :)  It is not unusual to see her throwing seeds close to some trees so that "the little birdies have something for dinner." 

The Hill is home to beautiful bushes that flower each spring. Some are sweet-smelling and some don't bloom until fall, but they all conspire together to bring color to the winding road.

Ah! The Hill! Unique and changing with the seasons... Home to the sweetest neighbors, and with a new twist in color and greenery at every turn!

And yes... There's a lot of weeding to do as well! We are blessed to live in such a beautiful corner of the woods!

Stay blessed,


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