May 25, 2015

Jesus Outside the Lines, by Scott Sauls

With a title like this, who would not be curious about reading this book and finding out exactly what the concept of "Jesus outside the lines" means. 

Yes, that is what caught me - the title; the watercolor art was also quite intriguing for me, particularly because of the play on prime colors. Boxes around the title and blending in the colors - I knew I was interested in knowing what was inside the minute I saw the outside. And I was not disappointed. And I could not put this book down. I even read several chunks more than twice, because the reflections are complex. It is obvious that this book is the result of years of thinking and experiencing the outcome of christians' interaction with the non-christian world, whether positive or negative.

Forget about who says what and two sides of an argument! God created everyone, and God loves everyone - whether they agree with us or not. Scott Sauls has created a challenge for christians: being christian, as it is actually defined in the Bible and not by a certain concept, group or social trend. 

Loving people, and not just a nice, fluffy, rainbow-y love, but the one that cares, speaks up and even make people uncomfortable when necessary, for either party, is all throughout this book. Jesus Outside the Lines is all about reaching outside our comfort level and see people for their real worth, the sacrifice of Jesus, and moving towards them because they are eternal beings, with an honest, authentic motivation that reflects the character of God. 

Scott Sauls engages the reader and proves how relevant today's culture is to a christian, in that it is necessary to approach the needs of those who reject God, while loving and respecting them. And here is where the colors in the cover come in... Blue, red and yellow are blue, red and yellow; when they interact with each other, they become a new color. Something wonderful can be created by reaching out to others and being christian, not just by word, but by action.

Also, if anyone would be interested in going deeper into any of the concepts in the book, there is a well-marked pathway in the numerous books, movies and other reference materials. This would be a fantastic study book for those interested in studying the relationship between Christianity and the cultures and movements that mark today's society.

Well supported, easy to read and with deep ideas, I would definitely recommend this book, to christians and non-christians alike. Jesus Outside the Lines is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to know the character of Jesus. It may make some people uncomfortable, but I would suggest to take a deep breath and see if there is a window of opportunity to learn from Mr. Sauls.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers, in exchange for a review. This has not biased my opinion on the book or on the author.

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