Jun 20, 2015

Zooming in on Spring

It's that time of the year when the hot weather comes back and Summer is about to make its grand comeback!

So, why not say good-bye to Spring with some shots of those amazing moments when everything looks dry and lifeless, but little spurs of color start peaking out from here and there, reminding us that they're back, and that they will inject a burst of hues where there seems to be none...

Our cherry bushes finally are strong enough to gift us fantastic cherry blossoms! We got them three years ago and we were hoping they liked their little spot - and they do! Each blossom is perfect!

How about the carpet of itty bitty flowers?  Yes, they are weeds! But I must confess there's something inside me that smiles each times I look outside and there's a carpet of lilac with hints of blue...  

I could not resist slowing down and turning back when driving to a friend's house, just to get these beauties! It's a phone pic, so it's not my favorite shoot - no worries!  I just think that having the blessing of enjoying a bit of something pretty at the side of the road should not go unnoticed...  :)

And how about this vibrant pink little flower! It grows on a bush in the back of the house, so it generally sneaks out! I'm glad I didn't miss it this year! :)

How could I forget the first comers... Daffodils! So cheery and beautiful! I thought they looked particularly strong next to the garden lamp that didn't quite make it through the winter...

Hats off to the humble wild rose! Nothing seems to shy her away, and each years it comes back stronger, sturdier and with that fantastic deep pink that manages to make me smile each time... :)  (And I smile even wider when I remember that somebody mowed it more than once... lol He just made it hardier!) 

And how not to mention storms... A mighty witness of the power of nature that invites us to remember God and His multiple blessings!

Another survivor of my non-so-green thumb... I look forward to having blackberries any time soon!

Stay blessed!


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