Jul 11, 2015

Sarah's Drawstring Bag

What do you do when you ordered a gift for your niece, who is about to go to college, you suddenly realize you're out of wrapping paper and the closest store is about 35 miles away? Make one!  :)  (Uhm, did I mention that she lives about 6 hours away and that my in-laws were leaving the next day to see her?) 

Yes, that's where I was when I thought of using my stash to make a little something for her to use, and Crafty's Bag-Making Basics: Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag, with Kristin Link came to the rescue!  

The class calls for two fat quarters, but I made Sarah's with one fat quarter (the printed fabric) and yardage - I knew she would like these colors! You really can use any cut or yardage, or a combination of either; it is really easy to follow the instructions and the class materials.

I really won't share much about measurements or the process itself, so this will be a post with lots of pictures and not many words.  I guess some may actually go like: "Phew, about time."  lol

These are the outer panels, before and after sewing the cuts together.

Getting ready for the lining and marking what will become the opening for the drawstring... loving my tailors chalk!

After pressing,...

... following Kristin's instructions all the time.


Well, not just yet... But the lining was ready, and I really like how the topstitching makes a cute addition to the design, making sure everything is in place.

The same goes for the channels where the drawstring will be.

Here is the bag with just one drawstring; Mr. Fuzzy's help was crucial in making this little fellow behave and go all around the bad, as it was supposed to... :)

Yay! The finished product looks even better than what I could have imagined!

And of course, a pretty picture outside could not be missed!

I think this is one of the cutest gift bags... Not really because I made it but because it had Sarah in mind since the beginning. Sarah wrote a sweet thank-you note; she mentioned that the gift was going to be very useful, but that she really loved the hand-made baggie that she can use and take to college with her. I don't really know what she'll think when she pulls the drawstrings to open or close the bag, but I know that every once in a while, she'll remember that we've got her back and that she is loved!

Why don't you try making one of these for your next gift? If I can make it, you can! :)  Don't forget, it's ! Crafty's FREE Bag-Making Basics: Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag, with Kristin Link :)

Stay blessed!


BTW... If you click on the links in this post, I get a commission, because I am a Craftsy affiliate. Don't let this stop you from getting the most out of Craftsy classes - that's where this adventure started for me, and I'm enjoying it more and more every day! Who knows? Maybe you'll be next Crafty's affiliate! :)  

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