Jul 11, 2015

2015 BOM - May baskets

I know, I know, I know... We're in July already, and I'm just posting something about May! I'm sorry, I really am. I should be better with my posts, but I cannot go back in time and ask life to take it easier or slow down. This is probably the busiest time of the year at work, so I kept going back to my ex-dining room table and sewing, but I just couldn't make it all the way here.

Thank you for being so patient and staying around. You keep me encouraged, despite all the misshaps, ups and downs...

And talking about misshaps... I almost fainted when I found that half of my pics in the camera looked... BLACK!

After some tweaking, here is my picture of getting things ready for the first May basket...

And here are the handles... I promise! This picture doesn't have much tweaking, that's why it's grainy, instead of foggy.

Well... iPad to the rescue! Not the same quality photos, but I cannot complain  :)

Here is the first basket; I get all excited each time I see a matching seam! Remember, intersections make the piecing!  :)

I kept celebrating each matching seam, despite the weird angles... 

And then, I also celebrated that I had a working camera in the iPad, but kept wondering about my camera... It turned out that a battery went bad, so it was all a matter of getting a new set of batteries - phew!

Little by little, the baskets started to take shape.

As I have mentioned before, I decided to make this quilt to go beyond my comfort zone. This quilt has a lot of firsts, and a partial seam is one of those.  I really like how different pieces come together nicely, and how we can "sew out of the box" to make the final composition work. If you want to make this quilt, try watching Craftsy's 2015 BOM, a free class that will make you learn a lot about accurate piecing - oh, did I say it's free?!?! :)

The only thing missing at this point were the handles.

One was a bias-cut appliqué and one was paper-pieced.

Here they are! May baskets starched and pressed, ready to go in the drawer of the waiting blocks...  :)

Stay blessed,


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