Aug 9, 2015

BOM 2015: Paper-piecing in August!!!

OK... wait a minute... August blocks in August? Really? Well, yes!!  

I spent a good time yesterday working on these beauties, and it was just fantastic!

After a challenging week and some really needed time to relax, I must confess I kind of forgot there was laundry waiting to be done, or dishes to be washed... I just took my quilt ruler and rotary cutter, and did not stop!

OK, I did take breaks, and made sure that things around the house were taken care of. However, Mr. Fuzz did most of the work; he said that he knew I needed quality time with my fabric - isn't he the most amazing fuzzband!! 

And, although I'm behind in posting other things I've been working on, I thought about jumping into August and share the beautiful paper-pieced flowers for the Craftsy 2015 BOM, with Jinny Beyer.

By the way, remember that this is a free class, so you may want to visit the site and see what all the fuzz is about.

It all starts with a piece of paper...

... and cut fabric...

... and it just keeps going, and going!

I love the perfect points and the complexity - elegant and clean.  I can't wait for September blocks, which will also be paper-pieced - let's see if I'm caught up with my blogging by then.

Thanks for reading, and stay blessed,


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