Aug 14, 2015

MIA - Basket blocks

Hello everybody!

I have been kind of all over the place lately.  This week has been crazy so far, and I kept thinking of creative ways of finding a quiet moment that would actually help me forget the rush, rush, rush of work at least for a second... This week I traveled to another location for training related to work, which I really like doing, but it seems to make things crazier in the office for the time we come back.  I know that only happens to me... Lol!!

I'm just trying to get to the point with a good story -or a half-decent one- about how I was caught up in the frenzy and decided to make the most out of lunch, go to one of my favorite places, hook up to the internet and come to this little corner of the woods that keeps words flowing, with my fingers trying to play catch-up, and my brain suddenly forgetting about everything that was in there twenty minutes ago...

So, let's get to business here and have a good laugh at my inadequate abilities to rescue pictures from a low battery camera... Remember the black pictures in my previous BOM post? Well, here they are!

I got a different kind of batteries (rechargeable, of course), but tougher. I already had a set of those who can handle the flash, but I got some that are supposed to be even tougher. I'm not a battery expert, but Mr. Fuzz thought it would be a good idea, and the camera has been working great! 

I'm so glad I was able to get this picture "back;" the two blue baskets with the pieced centers seem to glow with the right amount of evening light coming through the living room door. 

A little witness of my slow advances in the 2015 BOM that keeps feeling like a major milestone; challenging baskets that keep pushing me into precision piecing and even provide a little relaxing escape from a frantic week... Smile! 

We can keep going, and every day, with ups and downs, we are breathing and something inside tells us that we can make it...  How wonderful to know that God blesses us in such wonderful ways! Even though we may not share the same beliefs, I hope you get to experience hope and joy to the fullest!

Stay blessed,


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