Feb 6, 2016

2015 BOM: Harlequin

Hello everybody,

After my post last week, I was kind of taken by surprise to see how much things have gotten in the way of posting.  I know, I know, life goes by... And I'm thankful for it!

So, instead of moping around and thinking of those days gone by, let's go and restart the 2015 BOM Adventure.

Let me tell you what a trip it has been! I think the color scheme is what caught me, but it's been a challenge to keep up with.  No worries here... Actually, lots and lots of lessons - we can always get better, right?  (I sure hope so!)

So, here you have it: Harlequin!

It always amazes me how exact any paper-pieced design is. This particular block had the challenge of completing "units" before sewing them together in a block.  I love the effect that the different colors give.  

I also liked how depth is achieved and leaves seem to be on top of the stem and on top of other leaves.

After months of waiting to make its appearance, Harlequin is now patiently waiting for this gal to make her way back to the 2015 BOM... One day, it will very likely be the topic of conversation!

I just hope that day comes soon!!

Have a fantastic weekend and God bless,


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