Feb 15, 2016

2015 BOM: Foxglove

Finally! The last block for the 2015 BOM and a bit of a reminder for me to get this done!  

Paper piecing has its sort of magic, with perfect matching seams and perfect points. The most intricate designs can be worked on little by little, and all of it accompanied by a sort of naughty feeling that characterizes the ripping of paper to reveal it all!

From organizing templates and scraps...

(and trying to get a peek before even trying to put it all togehter...)

... Foxglove took shape little by little.

I love how the color progression makes this block super bright! It just makes me feel like making hundreds of these in many color families!

Well, as I said before, let's keep going and enjoying every new day.

Stay blessed and keep the crafty bone happy!


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