Feb 26, 2014

Cheery Mellow: Block 1

Something tells me that my blogging resolution of posting 4 times a month is not going very well...

I decided to work on two quilting projects and a good friend asked me to make a baby quilt, because she'll be a grandma in June!! 

On another note, I finished reading "The Prayer Box" Tyndale sent about three weeks ago and the review is almost done.  

But coming back to this post, do you remember the fabric I ordered? They are part of a really upbeat collection called "Mellow Yellow."  I am planning on completing a sample quilt this year and I'll be using this fabric as main accent.  I'll borrow a bit for the name of the quilt, and I've decided it will be called Cheery Mellow!!  

I started experimenting with an 8-fabric kite block, but I guess the bias cuts won this battle... I'm on the lookout for other patterns or even a paper-pieced block to give it a second try. This baby will eventually have a home in the back of the quilt.  Because this will be a sampler, I think it won't look too bad on the back, because of the mismatched points, and it will reminisce of the fabrics in the top.  Also, I'was not completely sure I wanted that shade of gray and the marbled fabric in other blocks...

While I find an alternate pattern, I decided to go ahead and work on a Drunkard's Path Chain block.  I know that there are a hundred different ways of building these units, but there is a certain appeal that all these little guys with a bunch of pins have... It reminds me of traditional quilts, and all the time lovingly spent in putting them together.

And as I mentioned in my previous Drunkard's Path blog post, I use Marti Mitchel's templates. I really like making Drunkard's Path units, the templates are sturdy and I figured they would be a good investment that would last a long time.

A Drunkard's chain looms in the horizon...  I just can't get enough of having two pieces of fabric that go different directions and end up matching so nicely.

I'll try to keep up with my blogging resolution, but won't make promises I can't keep, haha...  

Stay blessed!

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