Jan 19, 2015

A Special Delivery

I am sort of new to quilting; I started experimenting back in 2012 and worked on my first major project in the Fall of that year, a sort of memory quilt for my in-law's. This was not a quilt per se, but a cover for their washer and drier. I was able to continue experimenting with different ideas and kept feeding my quilting bug with blogs, webinars, videos and online classes. The MQG once hosted a webinar about improvisational piecing, and the best advice the teacher had was: "Never buy kits." I guess I'm not a very good student... 

OK... I confess... I'm weak! I bought a kit! 

It is a package full of wonderful, colorful, quiltiful stuff to piece the top of the 2015 Craftsy's BOM! Luscious fabric that will be my  inspiration in learning new techniques and taking me away from my comfort zone. From baskets to applique, I'd better shape up and make at least two blocks a month! 

Isn't the fabric just gorgeous?

The combination of focus fabric and neutrals is just stunning! I am amazed that these colors are "unexpected" to me, but they work great together. I guess that is a token of so many more things I need to learn. Now, I just need to wiggle around this full-time schedule and find the time to practice...

It's probably the colors in the following picture that really caught my eye and it was just impossible to let it go... I'm weak... (Oops! I've already said that... :P) 

Yes, that's right! Craftsy has this new free mini class with Jinny Beyer - and I'm so excited! I have seen some of her products, and now that I get to see her in action, it's amazing! She is actually hand sewing the blocks! Now, how cool is that?!? 

I must confess I'm a bit surprised at myself. This quilt will be too traditional for my usual taste, and has a bunch of baskets (which I generally run away from) but it has a je ne sais quoi that I could not resist!

On top of it all, and particularly after my last post about not being able to quilt, 
I found some good excuses reasons for making this quilt: 
  • Gorgeous color palette
  • I'll get to work on it a bit at a time, and will -hopefully- have a quilt completely "outside my box" by the end of the year
  • New techniques to learn
  • Free Craftsy class that I can watch over and over and that doesn't expire

I am ready! Mylar, thread and even tailor chalk are getting ready to work on the first block, a May basket... in January!  :)

Even if you don't want to make this quilt, I would recommend you visit Craftsy and get enrolled in this mini-class. You never know what you'll learn!

Well, let the adventure begin!

Stay blessed,


Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you complete a purchase or enroll in classes after clicking on them.


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    1. I know Kathy! I'll blame the colors for my weakness... :) Thank you for visiting :)