Jan 6, 2015

Blogging keeps me sane!

After such an unexpected long hiatus from Blogland, I can only say: Life goes on...

I often wondered why major bloggers and crafters posted every now and then that they will not be active in their blog for a certain period of time.  After two or three months, BAM! A new book! Well, I do not have a new book, nor did I finish any projects. I do not even have a picture to share in this post... 

Life happens - and it goes on.  

In the meantime, ideas have not stopped fuzzying around in my mind and I could only wish I had a brief moment for at least putting them down on paper. I look back and realize that I never met my super blogging resolution for 2014, at least 4 posts a month. I am not sure I would like to set a similar one for 2015, but I'll do my best!

(Big sigh...) With all the commute time and a full-time job, I could only wish there was some kind of gizmo that could automatically download all those tickling and fluttering ideas in my head to paper, PDF, blog post or some kind of document that is easily accessible! I have rediscovered the wonder of post-its and other note taking artifacts, but it seems impossible to keep up with the constant flow... Maybe those self-driving cars that are often seen in movies will be available sooner than expected, and we will all be able to craft safely in the back seat... Ha! Wouldn't it be nice? Just think of all the projects that would be completed while going to and from work!

At this point, I can only thank all of you who kept coming back while I was trying to keep up with dishes, dirty laundry and house chores - which I think I will never catch up with. Your visits and comments are such an encouragement!

I have found out that this thing of writing and posting is quite a fantastic activity.  I can only promise that I will keep trying.  I have started a new project and materials are coming soon. I also started concocting a super fun idea for a quilt project. There are WIPs and WIPs accumulating in the dining crafting room, so I believe that there will be plenty to share during this year!

Stay tuned and God bless you!



  1. I too have been unsuccessful with any formal schedule for posts. I think my resolution is to blog when I have time and that is the way I really want to spend it. If I really feel like spending time with my family or working in the garden, or, or, or. I'm going to give myself permission to do that. I will keep reading your blog. You are in my feed, so whenever you decide to pop in, I'm fine with that. I don't see all of my friends IRL every week either 😉

  2. Hi Kay! I totally agree with you. As much as I like crafting and blogging about it, there are moments where it just won't work with every day life. It's choosing one or the other. Thank you for reading and I hope to "see" you often!