Nov 7, 2012


OK... Is this just going with the flow? A fad? Just try something new? More crafts!?!? My geeky bone? (That would probably be my Fuzzband's rib, hehe).  What is this "blog" thing for? Why? Don't you have enough things to do already?

Maybe it's a bit of all of the above. I've been having this blogging bug tickling in my head for a while, so I started "studying" blogs - I hope studying fits in here, because I've had a blast researching, visiting pages and learning a lot!  

So, why not share Life on the Hill - it's blessed, fun and crazy enough to shape a blog.  Mr. Fuzz and I don't live close to family, and there have been crucial moments in life like...  "Do you remember that recipe Tita (gramma) used to make when...?"  "How is this supposed to work?" "You made this or that thing many years ago (like in the Paleoclassic age)... Can you make another one?"  You get the idea. Of course we never made a record of anything and we don't remember much today... So... PRESERVATION - that's it!

Above all,  life has ups and downs, but we are immensely blessed with the assurance of eternal life we have in Jesus - and that permeates into everything we do!  OK... touches, gets, shapes, directs, forms, guides (feel free to add your verb of particular preference) all the little details that make up The Hill.

These last two days, I've been choosing fonts, colors, writing (yep, several posts are in the way, yay!), formatting pics and... TADA!!!  Here it is!

I hope you enjoy Life on the Hill and have fun.  Please stay in touch!!

A beautiful fall sight here on the Hill... I hope you like it  :)

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