Nov 27, 2012

Whispers in the Wind, by Lauraine Snelling

Cassie Lockwood is a young lady who used to be a star in a Wild West Show.  Her livelihood had always depended on her shooting and riding skills, but when the Show is cancelled, she finds herself in a situation where she has to provide for herself and some other performers that have always been with her, without making use of her training.  After coming across with a deed to ranch, half to which her late father was entitled, she decides to go to North Dakota and start a new beginning.

However, she finds that a family is already established in the ranch and has been living there for many years. Mavis Engstrom and her three children have to face the fact that they have to give up and share a good part of their land with strangers.  To Ransom and Lucas, Mavis’s older boys, Cassie is an intruder; to Gretchen, the youngest one, Cassie is the opportunity to have a sister. There is a fourth brother who is away from home, but other than some letters between him and Mavis, not much is known about him.

It is not easy for Mavis to deal with conflict, but she decides to respect the wishes of her late husband and Cassie’s father, the original owners of the ranch. They all pitch in and help Cassie and the others settle. But Cassie’s inexperience leads her to question her purpose in life, her worth and her faith in God. 

Through all her mishaps and tries to understand and perform all what keeping a household implies, Cassie does demonstrate some fortitude of character. I like the fact that she is constantly concerned of others and accepts her responsibilities (although these are practically self-imposed); not many people would face life the way she does.  I particularly enjoy Mavis; she is the ever wise motherly figure that is willing to demonstrate a Christian character – unselfish, accepting of others and willing to serve. With the help of Mavis, Cassie will find out that her value goes beyond the chores she is able to perform.

“Whispers in the Wind” was one of those books that are good for spending the time, but I would never pick them up again and read a second time. When I started reading it, I did not know that this is the second book in a series by Mrs. Snelling; however, this did not keep me from grasping the main story line, which is quite straightforward. There are some “loose ends,” but I may say those are due more to the fact that I am not familiar with the beginning of the story (the first book).  Also, it was not interesting enough for me; I am not looking forward to reading neither the previous, nor the next book in the series.

It has good Christian principles, so I would recommend it as an easy, clean read.

I received a complimentary sample of this book from Bethany House Publishers, in exchange for an honest review.  This has not biased my opinion on the book, nor on the author.

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