Nov 28, 2012

The Fiddler, by Beverly Lewis

Amelia is a young and wonderful violinist whose life was always planned for her. Constant rehearsals, presentations, hours of daily practice and a strict father have made her the famous virtuoso, able to delight audiences from all over the world. Despite all her training, “The Fiddler” starts with Amelia fiddling as “Amy Lee” in a country music festival – nothing that would have ever been expected of her. After her performance, her manager is able to get a hold of her and lets her know that her father and he already have arrangements for her, for the next months. The unceasing rings of her cell phone remind her that even her fianc√©, another great musician, was expecting her to be with him on that day... 

Amelia finds herself lost in other people’s wishes, but she’s torn in between herself and not hurting those who are dearest to her. She loves music, but it seems that she has not been able to actually enjoy it. That same night, she starts driving back home, but she gets lost in a bad storm. Conveniently, her cell phone breaks when it falls down to the ground and gets soaked. Amelia then looks for assistance at a nearby cabin, where she meets Michael, an Amish young man who, very much like her, is looking for his own path, away from his roots. Michael and Amelia are surprised at how much in common they have, and both would like to spend more time together, particularly when Michael tells Amelia about his plans of talking to his father and letting him know about his own decision.

Michael asks for Amelia’s support, and both Amelia end up spending the weekend in Michael’s hometown, Amelia gets a little taste of freedom, but also finds some of the consideration and respect she’s been looking for. She’s welcomed by the community, but also frowned at when people learn about her music. Michael realizes he has to stay more than he had initially expected because his father has an accident; he is an honorable person that will not abandon his family in a time of need.

Both of them face challenges and have to deal with respecting their parents. They both realize that the last thing they want to do is offend them, but their control over their lives also has to stop. Besides that, the attraction between Michael and Amelia is obvious. However, they both decide to face the issue and not let themselves go for their mutual feelings.  Also, they will find that there are people who support them and encourage them to do the right thing before God.  Following the right path is never easy, but it is also what shapes Michael and Amelia for the times to come.

“The Fiddler” has all the “Beverly Lewis” features people have come to love; however, she has managed to capture another love story in such a way that it feels as if this was the first time I have ever read an Amish novel by her. In other words, do not think that this story will be innovative in that way. This does not make it   less captivating… I only wish it came in one installment!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. In no way has this influenced my opinion on the book or on the author.

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