Mar 30, 2014

9-Patch Pizzazz

Woohoo!! It's done! With March almost gone, I can finally add to my list a design of my own, and I'm so excited with the results!

With sunny days finally around, I was hoping to get a good picture outside, but it was really windy, and I decided to lay the quilt on the lawn...  I'm not sure that's the kind of effect I wanted!  Poor grass, it needs some TLC and lots of sun and rain!! 

I also like the soft effect of the quilting, particularly with all the sharp angles in the piecing.  While putting it together, I kept wondering about the quilting; I knew I wanted a wavy effect, so I thought of big swirls and even feathers, but I thought this would take away from the composition.  Today, I'm still wondering about FMQ possibilities. Who knows!  I may end up making another quilt with lots and lots of negative space, just to experiment - learning is always justified, right?  :)

Here are some close-ups; some of them are right after finishing the quilting. I used a low-loft 100% cotton batting, and I was amazed at how puffy the waves looked.  Finally! Something I made looks close enough to what I had in my mind!


Going back outside, I ended up pinning the quilt to the fence. I only got two sort of decent pictures...  I felt frustrated at the time, but when I blew them up in the computer, there was something kind of romantic about the blurry quilt...  Ha! Maybe the improv techniques just oozed to the pics... 

From the first draft to the finished product...  What do you think?


Now to the next quilt adventure!  Stay blessed  :)

P.S. If you are interested in knowing more about these improvisational techniques, try these Craftsy classes - I'm certain they'll be a source of inspiration for you too!  :)

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