Mar 6, 2014

Cheery Mellow: Block 1 - Drunkard's Path Chain

It's ready!  

And just because there is something so rewarding about this little stacks of pinned cuts, here is how all the little pieces of fabric looked before they were stitched together...

I was so excited about getting all the units done that I had to celebrate with my sewing machine, hehe... Goofiness aside, the next picture DOES have an important tip. I hope you can see that the stitch length was set at 1.4. This is really helpful when working on curves; a smaller stitch allows for maneuvering the fabric easier - sometimes, it feels as is the fabric knows where to go and the curved 1/4 inch seam is practically effortless!

Just like with any other block, placement is super important and it doesn't hurt to lay the pieces down to double check where they're supposed to go before starting stitching.

I was wondering if the final effect would be any different if, instead of sewing them in rows, the units were sewn in blocks, like so:

It really didn't make much difference, but we are talking about a block that has several little squares making it up. There are other blocks that require a special construction order, but not this one.

And, just in case you haven't seen my first post about Drunkard's path, I have mentioned before that I used Marti Mitchel's templates. You can click here and here to read more about it. Another good reason why I decided to invest in these templates is that there is practically no squaring needed:

Who wouldn't like using such efficient tools!  And the results are amazingly cute!

One block finished and several more to go... This is a very interesting composition to showcase the Drunkard's units.  

Stay blessed!  :)

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