Mar 3, 2014

Anyone said 9-patch?

In one of my previous posts I mentioned something about signing up for a quilting challenge. A 9-patch challenge. Something I've never done before - what a better motivation to try something new, right? (Rolling my eyes at myself, for doing it once more to myself...)  Oh! Did I mention it has a deadline?

Instead of going on and on about how I generally stay away from the easy learning path, I'll just share what's been fluttering around in that crafty bone of mine!

This is kind of what I was picturing in my head:

... but when cutting time began, I knew I had an issue.  I could start working on the Improv Blocks I wanted for the focus point, but there's a moment when even those have to have boundaries and a specific size to work in a quilt that has non-improvisational elements.

So, I decided to be a good girl and hunt for graph paper...  By the way, I found this really cool website with hundreds of different papers to print; if you ever need graph, ruled, calligraphy, quilting (!!!:)) or even HEXAGON paper, just visit Printable Paper

After two sketches, I knew I wanted something off center, with different 9-patch elements in each 9-patch area of the main quilt... Like a 9-patch in a 9-patch.  Weird, I know, but my head could see it better than what I was able to put down on paper.

And then, time came to figure out color placement and patch size for the disappearing corners... Please don't even look at all the measurements and all the scratches!!  Well, I think I'm safe because you're not seeing the one that looked more than notes for a math test than quilt design, lol.

Told you!  I was really trying, but the "draft" I liked better is the one you can see on the top... Quite a collection!

So, just because I find it's always somehow necessary to bring on more projects than I could possibly handle in my "sneak in" times when I'm off work, a 9-patch is on the way!

Stay blessed!

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