Mar 14, 2014

Craftsy's Endless Creativity Sale - classes at up to 50% off

Learning is to acquire knowledge and skill, by study, instruction or experience, to grasp, to become acquainted with, to understand, to gain by experience...  There are so many facets to an activity we may take for granted.  Yet, you most certainly have learned something and are in a constant learning experience.

Honestly, is there ever a moment when we stop learning?  I hope we never do!  I often wonder what I would do without the capacity to understand new things and use them; I have been blessed with the ability to learn and am deeply thankful for it.

We are in this whole new era and place with internet that just open up learning possibilities in an almost endless way... Today, I am thrilled to share a bit of my own learning experience with you - it's called CRAFTSY, and they are having a major sale event this weekend.

If you are still wondering what to do, during Spring Break you may want to consider giving CRAFTSY a try!  It's not only a site to get ideas, it's a crafting learning opportunity at the tips of your fingers!

Craftsy has bunches of online classes, ranging from quilting and sewing to gardening and cooking; the best part is that the access does not expire, so you can watch your favorite class over and over and over again, at any time, wherever you have access to the internet. 

But wait! Why not, instead of me telling you about what you can find, go ahead and try it yourself!  You won't regret it  :)  

On this weekend, you can...

Save Up to 50% on All Craftsy Classes!
Don't miss out on Craftsy's Endless Creativity Sale! Get ALL online classes at up to 50% off for a limited time only. You won't see hundreds of classes with prices this low again soon. Hurry, offer expires March 17 at midnight MT.

If you are not familiar with the platform and would like to get acquainted with Craftsy, you could always try one of their FREE mini-classes first... A great option to see what all the buzz is about!


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